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Burning Up: Tyler Jacob on @TheLavaLizard

Continuing our quest to highlight fresh talent, The Lava Lizard is excited to reintroduce our Burning Up feature! This latest section will focus on young artists currently blazing their way into the industry, offering a much needed break from the auto-tune madness of today’s radio.

To relaunch Burning Up we are happy to present Tyler Jacob! Already gaining massive buzz across the web, this immensely talented R&B singer has been endorsed by several industry figures including Claude Kelly and Melanie Fiona, who have been enthralled by his unique tone and slick vocal runs.

Tyler is truly a refreshing talent. Where many male singers have lost interest in experimenting with their ranges in favour of heavy studio production, he exhibits an intriguing desire to improve his craft and expand his sound. - The Lava Lizard

Surely, Urban radio is sorely lacking a male vocalist with Tyler’s ability. In fact, as R. Kelly and Maxwell have been under the radar, Trey Songz is one of the few R&b singers making an impact on the format and we are in need of another standout voice like Tyler’s to break the monotony.

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